The Fifth Gear: From Closing To Coaching

The real way to be successful in selling is to stop selling. Instead you need to change the way you approach the situation. Instead of trying to push a product on your customers, work to create a relationship, to build trust. If you want to make a sale happen, then you need to go the extra mile and take the relationship a step further.

Once you’ve navigated the first four shifts, you’ve built a relationship with the customer. You understand their problem. Now it’s time to give them some advice. Help them make a great choice that they can feel confident in.

If you’ve listened to them and understand their problem, and if you’ve done it in the spirit of giving, not getting, then they’ll know you aren’t leading them on. You’ll be a trusted advisor and a coach. And who wouldn’t take advice from someone like that?

Ultimately, coaching your customers through the process will help them make the realization that closing the sale is in their best interest. Customers close themselves when they feel heard, understood and guided.

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