The First Gear: From Selling To Solving

People already want to buy. But between every customer and every sale is a problem. Your job is to identify the problem and solve it. In order to achieve this, you must change your goal. You are no longer focused on closing the sale, but on helping your customers solve their problems.

The problem could be anything. Money. Uncertainty. Not sure which choice is best. Fear of making the wrong decision. Regardless, the story is the same. Every person has a problem. If they didn’t have a problem, then they’d just go ahead and make a purchase. That means that your job as a salesperson is simple. All you have to do is solve your customers’ problems.

When you dedicate yourself to trying to sell someone, you’re shifting into reverse. You’re actually moving them backward—away from you and from the sale. But when you shift gears and start solving you shift into hyperdrive.

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